SmartMeme Studios is a full service agency providing strategic communications and branding, writing and graphic design, and integrated marketing services with a story-based approach and an eye for building social (media) movements for your brand or campaign.

As change agents and visual storytellers our work has transformed public opinion in a variety of places, from winning votes for socially conscious legislation and candidates to promoting innovative new ideas, policy, and businesses.

SmartMeme was founded in 2002. Our roots and philosophy are deep within environmental and social movements. Our clients are grass-roots organizations, non-profits, foundations, policy professionals and lawmakers, and businesses with a social conscious.

We work nationwide and internationally, while also taking pride in helping our community here in the Pacific Northwest.  We’re licensed in Washington state as an Ad Agency, Silver Business Member of the Mason County Chamber of Commerce, Board President and Business Member of the Union Tourism Association. We’re active members in a number of environmental and social organizations, and all of us volunteer in our community.

SmartMeme Studios provides the following on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact us for a no obligation flat-fee quote for your specific communication need.


Narrative Strategy

Stories shape our perceptions. Strategies enable us to achieve our goals. In this age of “too much information” it takes more than just good intentions to prevail on an issue. Too much information risks overloading your audience. Pictures can be reinterpreted, sometimes the wrong way. Slogans can actually reinforce the very thing you want to change. It takes a story that speaks a language that will be both heard and felt. SmartMeme Studios will help you to empower your intentions successfully with over a decade's worth of hard won campaign experience to ensure that your project succeeds through the power of strategic storytelling.

 Branding & Messaging

Your brand is no longer what you say it is, your brand is now what “they” say it is… We have helped successfully brand organizations, campaigns, products and services for over a decade. Our services provide: Communications Audit, Identity Development, Campaign Platforms & Planning, Talking Points, Integrated Marketing, Media Networking, Branding & Re-branding, Message Development, and many other strategic tools that prove critical to retaining support for your brand.

 Design & Advertising

At SmartMeme Studios we visualize your story's full potential to maneuver your audience toward action. Our creative team offers the latest in graphic design, to include: Logos, Posters, Banners, Postcards, Brochures, Web/Video Info Graphics and more. We also offer Scripting, Media Production Services and Ad Placement for media outlets to include print, radio, television, outdoor, online & multimedia.

 Social (Media) Movements

Before there was “social media” cultural anthropologists labeled informal groupings of people who take action a “social movement”. Today we have “social media” and a lot of associated buzz words like “social nation building” and “tribe marketing”, but the underlying principles of successful social media campaigns are the same as those that drive successful social movements. SmartMeme has been helping to build people powered movements for over a decade and we bring that experience to new media - from Twitter and Vine to Facebook and YouTube, be it online or outside, we can help you choose and develop the paths to growing a movement from the grassroots up. 


At SmartMeme Studios we help you to tell your story so that it becomes the centerpiece of your campaign strategy, foreshadowing victory in the first step. We’re seasoned campaigners, familiar with both rural and urban organizing strategies. We have worked on campaigns at the international, multi-state, state-wide, county-wide, and local grass-roots levels. Some of our campaign consulting services include: Strategic Planning, Meeting Facilitation, Political Campaigns, Electoral Campaigns, Ballot Initiatives, Environmental Campaigns, Social Justice Organizing, and Movement Building.

 Event Marketing

Today it takes more than printing posters and a Facebook event page to unplug people long enough to attend your function. We’re experienced with branding and promoting large nationwide gatherings, as well as regional events like benefit concerts, performances, and conventions. Whatever your budget we can help you find the best communication solution. If you’re planning an event and seeking funding or donors we can also help you develop a successful proposal and fundraising strategy, because funders always focus on the marketing section of event proposals.


We offer presentations, workshops and group trainings in our story-based strategy tool-set for nonprofit organizations, environmental and social justice conferences, and political networks and associations. We have provided 30-90 minute trainings in story-based strategy via tele-conference and in-person. We also offer a limited number of these in-kind to nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest (or globally via teleconference) as schedules permit each year, please contact us about your event or communication need.


 Our team at SmartMeme Studios looks forward to exploring new possibilities and ideas with you. Please call us for more information at (360) 898-0041.