A People’s History of the Seven Inlets


    alt="A People’s History of the Seven Inlets"


SmartMeme Studios has been the agency of record for The Squaxin Island Museum Library and Research Center (MLRC) and Squaxin Island Tourism since 2015. We have helped the tribe develop their annual marketing campaign for the museum, events, and tourism trade shows. We manage the museum’s weekly Facebook content, and the digital advertising for museum events on social media, and have significantly increased traffic and engagement with the MLRC. Along with using transmedia strategies to reach key audiences across the state interested in Native American history, activism and art, we have worked on specific museum exhibits and material design. In 2018, we helped edit, design and publish a 40-page full-color book complete with archival images. Titled “A People’s History of the Seven Inlets,” the book offers an exclusively Native American perspective, authored by MLRC Director and Tribal Chair Charlene Krise with contributions from other Squaxin Island tribal members. The goal for the publication was to provide a statewide educational resource that was scientifically researched and written by the Squaxin people, and that would also serve to illustrate and anchor the tribe’s historic struggle for fishing rights and sovereignty over the seven inlets of the Puget Sound in northwest Washington.

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