Bring the Salmon Home! (2020-present)

In 2020 SmartMeme Studios helped organize a coalition of over one hundred environmental organizations to pressure Warren Buffet to get back on track with dam removal after Berkshire Hathaway pulled out of the deal. We placed digital and print ads in multiple markets using a fish bowling strategy to reach Warren Buffet and Berkshire executives.

The campaign was a success, and in his response, Warren Buffett parroted language from the full-page print ads. The coalition organized a press conference with state and tribal leaders to announce the historic deal, and SmartMeme Studios designed full-page print ‘thank you’ ads that thanked Gov. Newsom, Gov. Brown, and Warren Buffett for “Protecting Our Future by Restoring the Klamath River.”

Klamath Dam removal will now take place in 2023 thanks to leadership from the States of California and Oregon, PacifiCorp, and the Karuk and Yurok Tribes, and our Bring the Salmon Home coalition:

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