Exxpose Exxon


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SmartMeme Studios partnered with the climate activists that helped break the story of corruption inside the world’s largest private oil company, ExxonMobil. These activists and organizations formed the coalition ExxposeExxon and worked to uncover how Exxon was funneling money into organizations that were denying the urgency of global warming. Exxon was also found to be funding front groups and think tanks that mislead the public about global warming and delayed crucial action that could have helped avert the more dire impacts of climate change being felt today. On top of this, Exxon continues to oppose mandatory reductions of global warming pollution and refuses to support policies that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050.

ExxposeExxon wanted a concise meme image - and infographic – that could highlight Exxon’s connection to the effects of global climate change, such as severe weather, storm surges, and sea level rise. The resulting infographic used Exxon’s logo to make this connection and helped expose the corruption of manipulating scientific data for greed.

Changing the story changes the world