No Impunity Strategic Framing Recommendations

In 2012 SmartMeme Studios developed a preliminary memo on message framing for a potential no impunity campaign that was in development for Transparency International. In the document “No Impunity Strategic Framing Recommendations” we explored four broad narrative frames for solutions to impunity. The goal of the document was to make an early assessment, identifying some potential narrative frames for further development by TI for a no impunity campaign. Some of the narratives explored intersected with the core focal areas that TI works.

The frames we explored were as follows: Retaliation, Authority, Peacekeeper and People-Power. We highlighted how each aligned with movement values, and the filters that were provided in a separate document by TI (research, fundraising, people engagement, private sector, brand awareness and national chapters). Each frame was assessed by its ability to introduce solutions and foreshadow victory. The framing analysis also touched on communications and branding opportunities that could arise from the application of each frame.

As a precursor to narrative frame exploration for a “no impunity’ campaign”, the problem of how impunity could be brought into focus was also considered. The question of how to bring the problem into focus was given special consideration in the no impunity campaign ‘solution frame’ scenarios presented at the end of the 10-page strategy memo. The memo aided the overall campaign discussion within TI by providing a distillation of potential narratives matched to solutions that TI was investigating. This allowed for more precise planning and strategic discussions as the memo highlighted potential pros and cons for campaigns with different action objectives and outcomes.

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